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Welcome to SSFitBiz

Personalised boxing training for all fitness levels. Unleash your inner champion and get in shape now! Master Boxing & Get Fit with our Expert Trainer.

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Certified Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach

Welcome to SSFitBiz - your gateway to health and fitness. Meet Sunny, a seasoned Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach. Over the years, Sunny has successfully guided countless clients towards diverse fitness goals.


He has imparted his vast knowledge in exercises, assisted in incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise into their lifestyles. Not only has he taught competitive boxing, but he also provides online training sessions to his clients.


Dive into this transformative fitness journey with Sunny and SSFitBiz.

Working with you...

We're here to help deliver your fitness goals with a 1-2-1 action plan, tailored to you.

Covering Fitness, Boxing (taught properly), Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Mixed Martial Arts. You achieving your goal is the aim. Teaching properly and installing confidence in yourself, in understanding the exercises executed across all disciplines.

1-2-1 Sessions
& Classes

1-2-1 Sessions
Leamington Spa | Warwick | Coventry 
Kenilworth | Aldgate (London)
Available 7 days a week, early morning until late. Contact us to check availability!
Current Classes (in Kenilworth):
Wednesday 8pm - Boxing Group Session

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"At the start of my journey with Sunny I had no idea about the gym. I would do a bit of cardio and I was too scared to go into the weight section. Sunny transformed my body from slim and weak to strong and defined. He made me understand muscle groups, isolation and how using the correct technique and consistency will deliver results. Sunny is very knowledgeable about how the body responds to exercise and preventing injury. We would switch sessions up to include different activities such as boxing to make sure I was enjoying myself. I now have the confidence to step into the weight section of a busy gym and complete an effective workout."

Hayley, Leamington Spa

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