Online Fight Plans now available!

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  • Beginner Fight Plan*

    Every month
    Great Starting Point. Get a routine Going. Build your base.
    • 28 days to get your routine started
    • Workout Everyday
    • Minimal or no equipment needed
    • Great Starting point to build
    • Feedback & Support Available throughout
  • Best Value

    Boxers Fight Plan

    Every month
    Ideal for Getting into Fighting Shape
    • A Workout Everyday for 28 days
    • List of Combinations To learn & Apply
    • Get Disciplined & A Consistent Routine Going
    • Train like A Boxer
    • Achieve the Training Mindset of A Boxer
    • Support & Feedback Available Throughout 4 Weeks
  • Ultimate Boxer Plan*

    4 weeks of Becoming
    • Live & Get shredded Like a Boxer
    • Eat Like a Boxer (no meal plans)
    • Become the Strongest fight version of Yourself
    • Combinations & Bagwork Drills
    • Boxing Specific Exercises to Focus on
    • Workout Everyday for 28 days
    • Achieve the mindset & physcial ability of a Boxer
    • Support & feedback Available throughout 4 weeks
  • Gym Training Plan

    Every month
    Structure For weight training & strength/muscle development
    • Develop Muscle , Power, Strength
    • Weekly Check In
    • 4 Weeks of plans plus progressions

                                                                    Online Training

Once Purchased you will have access to structured plans. You will be guided by Myself through out the 28 days. You will be helped throughout. There will be weekly check ins to monitor progress.


Online program plans, now available all require minimal equipment. 

*Beginners plan | no equipment. 

^Boxers Fight plan | You'll need the following equipment to complete this plan; skipping rope, hand wraps, boxing gloves, dumbbells. Access to a punchbag is ideal, but not essential.

*^Ultimate Fight Prep | You'll need the following equipment to complete this plan: skipping rope, hand wraps, boxing gloves, dumbells. Access to a punch bag is preferable for maximum results.


All plans require an area with room to do inverted rows, a low bar (about chest/stomach height) capable of holding your body weight, usually available at a park. If not we will talk you through how to set this up at home.